Ghostly photograph taken at execution site

Ghostly photograph taken at execution siteA mysterious ghostly image has been taken at the execution site where hundreds of criminals were tried and put to death.

The Galleries of Justice in Nottingham claims to be one of the most haunted locations in Great Britain.

Scores of highwayman, murderers and thieves were subjected to public hangings from within its walls.

Many modern visitors to the site in Nottingham, now a museum, claim to have witnessed spooky goings-on from flying orbs to strange smells and rattling keys.

Now, a couple has stepped forward claiming to have photographic evidence of a supernatural being haunting the former dungeon.

Christine Spice visited the old prison and courtrooms with her partner Denyer earlier this month and took snaps of what she describes as “an eerie mass of white, like an evil male figure.”

The figure is pictured behind a second apparition, which appears to be a small child in some form of period dress, captured on Christine’s mobile phone camera.

Ms Spice, from Herfordshire, said: “Denyer and I went on one of the museum’s guided tours.

“We are both very spiritual people, and could sense quite a lot of spiritual presence around the building.

“We went to visit the pits and immediately I became very agitated and sensed something really bad and evil.

“I told Denyer I thought we should leave as it was affecting me. I could sense the danger and my breathing and heartbeat became faster – I felt very scared.

“We could smell a musty, rotting smell and was very uncomfortable. I then became so freaked out that I ran out.

“The feeling of evil was so overwhelming. Once outside we looked at the photo and could see a white glow like a huge threatening aura.”

There has been a court at the Galleries of Justice since at least 1375 and a prison since 1449.

It is the only place in Britain where criminals could be tried, convicted, and sentenced. Some executions were even done at the entrance of the building.

The Galleries contains the original cells, dungeons, two courtrooms, and several medieval caves, where the photo was taken.

Christine said that after she calmed down, they continued looking around and spent some time looking at all the ID photos taken of prisoners displayed on the walls.

She said: “It was in this room that someone pulled my hair. I turned around expecting to see my brother but there was no one there,” she said.

“We could sense spirits all over the building and I would definitely describe the place as being very haunted.”

Tim Desmond, chief executive at the museum, said: “The staff at the museum are quite used to experiencing the supernatural on the site, not surprising as it was a place of punishment since the Middle Ages.

“What is interesting is now that people have camera phones we are receiving actual images of what they pick up. Even if you are a sceptic it is very difficult to refute the unusual sights.”

Source: Telegraph



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