Thank you for visiting the Medieval Archives website. The Medieval Archives, hosted by the Archivist, is dedicated to exploring and understanding the Medieval Era. The idea for the podcast sprang from a lack of medieval podcasts on the internet. I discovered several medieval themed podcasts but the majority of them are months or years old. It is my goal to produce informative, educational and entertaining podcasts about the medieval era. Podcast topics will include medieval history, reviews of medieval products (movies, TV, smartphone apps, etc) and interviews. The website is a companion to the podcast and will contain current news of the medieval era and reviews of medieval media; books, DVDs, smartphone apps, etc.

Who is the Archivist?

The Archivist Profile Picture | Medieval ArchivesThe Archivist is me, Gary. I have loved the Middle Ages since I was a wee lad growing up in the Midwest USA. I studied medieval history in college and received an elegant piece of sheepskin for my time and effort. I’ve traveled through England, Scotland and Ireland exploring castles, battlefields, cathedrals and, well, pubs. I continue to learn more about the Middle Ages everyday and never tire of the subject. I intend to pass my knowledge and experiences to you, through the podcast and website.

Why the Middle Ages?

My interest in the Middle Ages started when I was a child. I was enthralled while reading The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Shannara trilogy. As much as I enjoyed the fictional worlds, it was the real life kings, queens, knights and castles that fascinated me and my passion continued to grow. When I was a kid the internet didn’t exist for the public at large. I couldn’t go online and find vast amounts of information or other medieval history buffs. I had to rely on the local library. And I read everything I could find and watched as many documentaries as possible. Over the years my passion never waned and continues to grow today. It is my desire to help you grow your knowledge and love of the medieval era. Together we will explore all aspects of the Middle Ages.


Review Copies:

If you would like to submit your product for review please contact me at archivist@medievalarchives.com with the following information:

1. The title and creator of the product
2. Contact information
3. Brief description of the work
4. Product format e.g. DVD, Book, Smartphone App, etc
5. How to order the product, e.g. website link, Amazon link, bookstores, etc

While I appreciate hard copies of review products, when it comes to books, PDFs or e-formats work best.

Images on this site

I try to be careful when posting images on this site. All images posted are owned by their respective creators and are used here with permission or under Fair Use. If you believe your images are being used incorrectly or do not want them used on this site, please contact me with your request to remove the image. Please specify the URL in your inquiry.

Fair Use:
I believe that images on this site are subject to fair use because:

1. No free or public domain images have been located for the work.
2. Images are being used in an informative way and should not detract from the original work.
3. Images illustrate the text in which it appears beside.
4. Its use is entirely encyclopedic or for news purposes.
5. Use of images in no way limits or impedes the creators from selling or marketing their work.

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