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Unlike the majority of podcasts, Medieval Archives has decided to be a solely listener supported production. This means listeners contribute to the show financially, by volunteering or both.

We adhere to the Value-4-Value model.

Do you enjoy the podcasts? Are you reading the website? Are you gaining new knowledge, discovering new authors and media? That is value gained, if you’re able please send value back. No ad removal schemes, no paywalls… just value.

Medieval Archives is an AD FREE website. All the podcasts we produce are also AD FREE.  No intrusive ad banners on the website and no annoying ad interruptions in the podcasts.

We are able to remain AD FREE through the support of our listeners and readers

Executive Producer Policy

All donations over $25 become an Executive Producer. Anyone contributing $15 or more automatically gets the Associate Executive Producer title.

The credits are listed in the show notes as Executive Producer and Associate Executive Producer and is a genuine credit that I will vouch for.

Executive producers are generally responsible for the financing of a project and this is a legitimate and real credit for your bio.

You can add these credits to IMDb and they look great on your LinkedIn profile and email signature line too!

Producing the podcasts and website requires hundreds of hours researching, writing and recording. If you find any entertainment and education here, please consider becoming a Supporting Member.

You can support Medieval Archives through an easy donation of any amount. Donors will get a special mention on the show. Donations of $10 or more will automatically become associate executive or executive producers. Any amount will remain anonymous upon request.

Thank you for considering a donation to Medieval Archives! Your support enables us to produce more medieval history podcasts and post more articles and news information on the website.

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