MAP89: British Myths & Legends with Amy Jeffs

British Myths and Legends

British Myths & Legends

Medievalist and Art Historian Dr. Amy Jeffs joins the show to discuss her books  Storyland: A New Mythology of Britain and Wild: Tales from Early Medieval Britain

In Amy’s first book, Storyland she examines the origins of Britain from Noah’s flood to the Norman invasion. And there are some good stories to tell, including the incredible story of Albina, who ruled Britain, was seduced by demons and gave birth to a race of giants.

In her second book titled Wild takes you on a journey from desolation to hope. Through seven chapters of insightful reflection she is able to retell stories from medieval texts with vivid descriptions and unique perspectives.

One of the standout elements of both books are the illustrations which Amy created. Listen to the episode to find out how she created them and how the creation process helped her through the lock-down, quarantine we all dealt with.

You can find Amy Jeffs online at: Twitter/X & Instagram

You can buy Storyland: A New Mythology of Britain and Wild: Tales from Early Medieval Britain on Amazon.

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