Medieval Tales Podcast: The Black Arrow Part 1

The Black Arrow Cover 1 of 9

We are embarking on a new podcasting adventure! Medieval Tales Podcast will be released every Tuesday and Thursday and feature medieval themed classic novels.

The first book in the series is:

The Black Arrow


Robert Louis Stevenson

The Black Arrow: A Tale of Two Roses is the 1888 historical adventure novel.

Set in fifteenth century England during the Wars of the Roses, the story revolves around Richard (Dick) Shelton as he becomes knighted, rescues his beloved Joanna Sedley, and finds justice for the slaughter of his father, Harry Shelton.

An outlaw named Ellis Duckworth equipped with a black arrow as his trademark weapon convinces Dick that his own personal guardian, Sir Daniel Brackley, has been disloyal. As a result, Dick helps a fellowship of outlaws called The Black Arrow to defeat Brackley and win back his lady.

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