Ireland’s 9 Most Haunted Sites


Lady Isobel and the Phantom Children

Looking at Ballygally Castle, a cute Scottish baronial pile on the Antrim coast, you’d never think it was one of the most haunted places in Ireland. It all started when a previous owner locked his wife, Lady Isobel, in a tower because she couldn’t produce a male heir. Rather than starve, Isobel leapt to her death on the rocks below. Now a hotel, guests have seen her spectre and phantom children roaming the corridors.

A Jester’s Curse

The only thing more tragic than a sad clown? A murdered jester. Just look at Malahide Castle, a medieval fortress on Dublin’s coast where the spirit of one is rumored to be roaming the grounds. Puck was his name, and stories say he’d fallen in love with one of Malahide’s prisoners, Lady Elenora Fitzgerald. Puck was found out, stabbed in the heart and with his last breath, swore to haunt the castle.

We featured Malahide Castle in our Haunted Castle Podcast series!

The Bloody Chapel

Behind the medieval walls of Leap Castle in County Offaly are stories of murder and betrayal. Like in 1250, when two ambitious brothers vied for the family seat. One, a priest, was giving mass in the castle chapel when his brother ran in and plunged a sword into his heart on the altar of what’s now called the Bloody Chapel. And then there are the skeletons discovered on a secret spike, but that’s a story for another day…

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