John De Vere by The Legendary Ten Seconds

A couple months ago we featured The Legendary Ten Seconds new album Astounding Songs. The band is back again with another new album!

Cornish & Devonian is a collection of English folk rock songs about Cornwall and Devon.

Ian sent over a preview of one of the songs to share with us. The song is titled “John De Vere.” It’s about the siege of St Michaels Mount during the reign of Edward IV.

John De Vere was the 13th Earl of Oxford and in 1473 he captured St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall. Edward IV sent in a force to win the territory back. John De Vere’s men deserted and he was wounded by an arrow to the face. He finally surrendered in February 1474.

Listen to the song John De Vere and you’ll learn about the event in detail. Thanks again to Ian for sharing the song with us.

You can buy the new album Cornish & Devonian on Bandcamp or Amazon. Also check out their website to keep up-to-date on the band.

Enjoy the song, “John De Vere” with lyrics below from the new album Cornish & Devonian.

A song about the Earl of Oxford during the reign of Edward IV

After defeat at the battle of Barnet
John de Vere fled to France
He’d escaped via Scotland
With such sorry circumstance

He would still oppose King Edward
And gain support from the King of France
Who was a universal spider
Was this John de Vere’s last chance

John de Vere the Earl of Oxford
Then turned to piracy
A privateer in the summer
In the channel’s narrow sea

At the end of September
He sailed to the Cornish coast
St Michael’s Mount he took by force
Of it’s capture he could boast

An embarrassment for King Edward
Though not a threat so the King believed
The King’s man in Cornwall
Was placed in charge of the siege

John de Vere offered bribes
So that supplies could be received
The King’s man was corrupt
Of this King Edward was displeased

John Fortescue the chief justice
Was dispatched to gain a victory
Along with him he would bring
The master of the royal artillery

Free pardons and rewards were offered
To the men under John de Vere’s command
One by one his men deserted
John Fortescue gained the upper hand

John de Vere then surrendered
There was no prospect of success
For many years he was in prison
For his Lancastrian faithfulness


From Cornish and Devonian, released July 4, 2023
Ian Churchward vocals, guitars and Mellotron sounds
Lord Zarquon drums



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