New songs inspired by Richard III from The Legendary Ten Seconds

The Legendary Ten Seconds is back with another album with songs inspired by Richard III.

We’ve highlighted The Legendary Ten seconds in past when they’ve released other albums. We’ve even featured their album Tant le Desiree on episode 76 of the podcast.

Last month they released a new album titled Astounding Songs featuring twelve songs inspired by Richard III. Ian Churchward of The Legendary Ten Seconds has sent a preview for a couple of the songs on the new album.

If you haven’t heard The Legendary Ten Seconds before you should check out our podcast episode featuring their album. It’s great music to listen to while your reading a book on the Plantagenet Dynasty, relaxing around the house or really, anytime.

You can (and should) buy their albums on Bandcamp or Amazon. Also check out their website to keep up-to-date on the band.

Below is a song, “That Noble King” from their new album. Enjoy the song with lyrics below.

That Noble King A song about Richard III

His body lying battered
Now the battle has ended
Stripped of his armour that looked so splendid

A once proud king in his armour with gold
A tale of treachery to be told

Thrown over a horse
And then carried away
Taken to Leicester
To be put on display

Buried hastily by the Grey Friars
Under the tiles of their church choir

His remains were not thrown into the Soar
That noble King of the white boar
That noble King of the white boar
That noble King of the white boar


from Astounding Songs, released April 25, 2023
Jules Jones sings a backing vocal on this recording



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