Monarch Madness 2023 Title

Basketball fever is sweeping the nation. I have my bracket filled out and ready to sit back and watch Iowa win the big show. Or more likely, watch them make an early exit.

What if you don’t like sports? There should still be a bracket to fill out and a competition to enjoy.

This year we are kicking off Monarch Madness! Sixty-four of the greatest medieval kings, split into regions, ranked and pitted against each other to find a champion.

You can print the bracket below, fill it out and join in on the fun. Take part in the voting process to make sure your picks advance each round.

Voting will be on Twitter ( and Mastodon ( Voting dates listed below.

Voting starts on 16 March 2023

Round of 64Round of 32Sweet 16Elite 8Final 4Championship
16-17 March18-19 March23-24 March25-26 March01 April03 April



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