Archaeological dig uncovers medieval tile floor in Gloucestershire

Photo: Cotswold Archaeology

Archaeologists at a city dig site have uncovered a medieval tiled floor dating back to around the 13th Century.

The discovery was made in Gloucestershire at the location of the new £107m development, The Forum.

The floor, made of glazed white and green tiles, belonged to the cloister of the city’s medieval Whitefriars Carmelite Friary and was unearthed by the Cotswold Archaeology team.

Archaeologist Anthony Beechey described the find as “extra special”.

Mr Beechey explained that the “beautiful tiled floor is in remarkably good condition”.

“Most of our Whitefriars findings are fragments of the original structure while this floor is largely intact, making the discovery extra special” and the excavation process “endlessly fascinating”, he added.

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