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Cushions, Kitchens and Christ: Mapping the Domestic in Late Medieval Religious Writing by Louise Campion is available now.

Cushions, Kitchens and Christ is available to order at It looks like they will ship internationally if you are in the USA. It’s available on Amazon (US) on 08 March 2022.


This book represents the first full-length study of the prevalence of domestic imagery in late medieval religious literature. It examines understudied patterns of household imagery and allegory across four fifteenth-century spiritual texts, all of which are Middle English translations of earlier Latin works. These texts are drawn from a range of popular genres of medieval religious writing, including the spiritual guidance text, Life of Christ, and collection of revelations received by visionary women.

All of the texts discussed in this book have identifiable late medieval readers, which further enables a discussion of the way in which these book users might have responded to the domestic images in each one. As the late medieval household was becoming increasingly culturally important during the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, these texts’ frequent recourse to domestic imagery would have been especially pertinent to those readers.

This book is the first to identify significant patterns of domestic imagery and explore its broader cultural significance, both in relation to the growing importance of the household sphere and the spiritual climate of fifteenth-century England. Its broad scope will be of interest to academics and postgraduates engaged in research relating to late medieval religious literature, history and culture.

Louise Campion is an independent scholar who recently completed an Early Career Research Fellowship in the Institute of Advanced Study at the University of Warwick.



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