800-year-old Norman chain mail discovered in garden shed in Longford


An 800-year-old vest of Norman chain mail has been discovered in County Longford after a member of the public revealed that they had stored it in their garden shed. 

The chain mail, which is known as a hauberk, was discovered at an unknown location in the county and stored in a garden shed until the person who found it attended a Norman People event at local tourist attraction Granard Knights & Conquests as part of National Heritage Week. 

The member of the public saw a replica of the chain mail at the event and told officials at the tourist attraction that they had discovered something similar. 

The hauberk, which dates back to around 1172, is said to be in excellent condition and coincides with the Norman arrival in County Longford. 

It also coincides with the era of Norman knight Richard de Tuite and the construction of Granard Motte in 1199. The motte and bailey is one of the best examples of Anglo-Norman fortification in Ireland. 

The hauberk was dug up from a drain in an area close to Granard Motte and officials believe that it is related to the motte and bailey. 

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