600-year-old axe heads used in hand-to-hand fighting in Battle of Grunwald found in field

Photo: Tomasz Waszczuk/PAP

Two battle axes used in hand-to-hand fighting at the Battle of Grunwald over 600 years ago have been found by detectorists during a sweep of the famous battle site in northern Poland.

The find, which has astonished archaeologists, is all the more important as the melee weapons are in remarkably good condition.

According to Dr. Szymon Dreja, director of the Museum of the Battle of Grunwald, the discovery of the battle axes are an archaeological sensation.

“In seven years of our archaeological research we have never had such an exciting, important and well-preserved find,” he stressed.

According to the director, there is little doubt that the axes come from what many historians say was the largest battle of the middle ages in Europe. 

“The context of these finds, the preliminary dating to the fifteenth century and the type of axes clearly indicate that they are directly related to the Battle of Grunwald of July 15, 1410,” he said. 

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