Shrewsbury Castle dig fails to find chapel but is solving other mysteries


Members of the team have been working at the site over the last three weeks in the hope of finding a long lost chapel.

And while the chapel’s location remains hidden, a host of other discoveries have been made such as the site of a Victorian greenhouse, rubble left behind by Thomas Telford and a Civil War era pit. The dig follows a similar project last year and is helping historians piece together the castle’s past.

Experts have been involved in a painstaking operation to shift through soil looking for artefacts.

The group has been led by Dr Nigel Baker with Dr Morn Capper and Professor Tim Jenkins from University Centre Shrewsbury, who have also involved students from the university. The work comes after the first-ever major excavation at the castle last year was hailed a success, with a number of discoveries that revealed new evidence on the history of the site.

We were very pleased with how we were able to solve some of the mysteries of Shrewsbury Castle with last year’s dig.”

Dr. Nigel Baker

A Victorian greenhouse, demolition rubble left by Thomas Telford and a Civil War era pit have been uncovered on the archaeological dig.

It comes after the first-ever major excavation at the castle last year was hailed a huge success and produced finds of national significance.

The team is now right through the western rampart of the castle, at the level of the driveway, nearly two metres below the surface

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