Star Wars themes, Medieval Style

A few week ago we showcased Artist ElectroKaplosion who did a medieval cover of a Chainsmokers song. There’s a growing number of artists doing the same thing.

Today we are featuring an artist, Samuel Kim, who gives Star Wars themes the medieval treatment. Star Wars is deeply rooted in medieval themes, both European and Japanese. Kim’s treatment is a great tribute to the original music while giving it a distinctly medieval feel.

My favorite theme in Star Wars is the Imperial March. Kim does a fantastic job with the medieval rendition below.

Then there is the always recognizable Cantina band from Tatooine

Kim uses more then the movies for his inspriation. He does an amazing cover of the epic Clones Theme from Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series. If you haven’t seen The Clone Wars it’s a great series that adds a new depth to the Star Wars universe.

The final one will be the most recent theme available, The Mandalorian. The Mandalorian is only available on Disney+ but is worth watching if you have the service.

You can find all of Samuel Kim’s covers on his YouTube Channel. He also created a playlist for just the Medieval Star Wars covers.



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