Restoration begins on Valmiera Castle ruins

Valmiera Castle ruins
Photo: Visit Valmiera

The builders have almost completed studying the composition of the historical wall java that is intended to secure the walls. Afterwards, a new cultural center will be created in the north-west part of the castle.

Archaeological research concludes that all fragments of the wall have to be dismantled up to that line, there are bricks that are low quality, most are designed for indoors, they have to be removed

Raimonds Kuncevics, board member of Ltd R.K.C.F. Renesance

Builders are now dismantling structures in the north-west part of the castle built in the 1990s, because they are not in line with the cultural and historical value of the castle.

The historical walls are planned to restore using authentic material.Therefore, in cooperation with Riga Technical University, a thorough analysis of the ancient wall has been carried out.

Read the full story on Public Broadcasting of Latvia



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