Holy Wars Collectible Card Game now on Kickstarter

Alcázar Games is Kickstarting the first two prototype entries in the Divide & Conquer series; Holy Wars and Age of Discovery. Holy Wars is based during the Crusades and Age of Discovery takes place during the rise of colonialism in the 15th century.

Holy Wars

Welcome to the Middle Ages! Take the Cross, assemble the armies of God and join our procession East with Holy Wars, an exciting new collectable card game based on the historical events and leading figures of the Crusades.


In our Holy Wars deck you will discover 34 dramatic game cards each containing the most influential historical characters; cunning Holy men, the bravest and most courageous Kings and Sultans, as well as the most steadfast defenders of the Holy Land. 

On each character card you will find a rich painting of the historical figures’ likeness accompanied by a comprehensive biography detailing their dramatic exploits during the Crusades. In addition to historical figures, two of the Holy Wars cards contain mythical/biblical artefacts definitive of the period and specially selected to help enhance the competitive gameplay and dramatic experience.


Alcázar Games is a family run indie game publisher based in Málaga, Spain, with a passion for history and gaming.

If you like collectible card games and the Middle Ages consider supporting this campaign. You can check out the Kickstarter campaign and all the support levels on the Kickstarter website.



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