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Launched in 2018, HistoryHit.tv offers a wide variety of programs for any history lover. HistoryHit.tv was conceived by Dan Snow as a ‘new kind of history channel.’ HistoryHit.tv started as a crowdfunding project on Indiegogo and surpassed its initial goal by over £30,000!

One of the original ideas of HistoryHit.tv was to ask it’s founding members what content they wanted to see on the channel. From there Dan Snow and his team of historians set about creating top notch history content.

From the original pitch on Indiegogo:
HistoryHit.TV is a global video-on-demand history channel. It will be available on all of your devices, anywhere on the planet. Think of it like Netflix, but dedicated to world history.

We’ll bring you the best collection of great history documentaries. We’ll also produce original seasons that will cover historical subjects in more depth than you’ve ever seen before.

They’ve certainly lived up to that promise! Dan and the entire crew at HistoryHit.tv have assembled a star studded cast of historians like Dan Jones, Mike Loades, Tom Holland, Lucy Worsley and Sara Cockerill to name just a few. They all bring their expertise to HistoryHit.tv to make it the best history streaming service available.

HistoryHit.tv features collections from the British Library, Modern History and The British Museum. The majority of it’s library however, is all originally produced content. Shows like Snow on the Road and Access All Areas which gets exclusive behind the scenes look at historical locations

HistoryHit.tv has content for all periods of history, Ancient History through the 20th Century, I’m going to focus on the Medieval era for obvious reasons. In the Medieval era there is a vast amount to choose from.

One of the original cornerstone series produced by HistoryHit.tv is Snow on the Road. Dan Snow travels the British countryside exploring historic sites.

Following along on a Tour of Arundel Castle and Lincoln Castle. Join Dan as he roams Northern Wales and visits Harlech Castle and Conwy Castle. Or following along on his trip through the Scottish Highlands with stops at battlefields, distilleries and Urquhart Castle, Cawdor Castle and Inverness Castle!

Peter Frankopan’s masterful book The Silk Roads opened the trade routes and world politics to a whole new generation of readers. In this series Frankopan partners with The British Museum for a series of talks focusing on the Silk Road and the rapid changes in trade, ideas that spread across the continent and how they impacted the world.

William the Conqueror, The Battle of Hastings and 1066 is a go to subject for all medievalist! In the series 1066, Professor Laurence Brockliss examines the Norman Conquest and how it still influences modern politics. Dan Snow visits a Battle of Hastings reenactment camp and they visit a local school to get kids perspective on 1066.

Another great series on HistoryHit.tv is Modern History Knight series. In ‘The Knight’ Jason Kingsley OBE looks at the life of a knight, their daily life, training, tournaments and warfare.

Additional series cover food the knight would eat from meals with nobility to humble meals taken while traveling. The series also covers the weapons used by knights and one of the most important companions for a knight, the War Horse!

“Reading old books and looking at manuscript illustrations is great but what is it like to actually wear armour, use a lance from the back of a charging warhorse or stand in a shield wall? We aim to find out by trying.” Jason Kingsley OBE

HistoryHit.tv is a great service for history lovers! I donated during the initial fundraiser on Indiegogo and have been a member every since. You can subscribe to HistoryHit.tv for $5.99/month(USD) or 49.99/year(USD). Either option you choose gets you a free 30 day trial.

You can find HistoryHit.tv on Facebook and also on Twitter.



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