Instrumental Legends: Inspired by the life and times of Richard III

LTS Instrumental Legends front cover (002)Earlier this year we featured a new album by Legendary Ten Seconds titled Mer de Mort. The album celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Mortimer Society.

Legendary Ten Seconds was also featured on the Medieval Archives Podcast. That episode included songs inspired by Richard III and the Wars of the Roses.

Last month Legendary Ten Seconds released a new album with new versions of their songs and newly released songs as well. Do yourself a favor and listen to the podcast and then head over to and buy their new album!

**Press Release
LTS Seal

Instrumental Legends

Inspired by the life and times of Richard III

Richard the Third Records, catalogue number R18

Release date 23rd September 2019.

1 Plantagenet Pavane new 2019 version
2 Souvente me Souvene new 2019 version
3 Murrey and Blue previously unreleased
4 Confort et Liesse new 2019 version
5 Fanfare for the King new 2019 version
6 John Nesfield’s Retinue new 2019 version
7 King Richard’s Daughter new 2019 version
8 Lambeth MS474 new 2019 version
9 Mortimer Overture
10 Sans Charger new 2019 version
11 Sunnes and Roses new 2019 version
12 Tudor Tune previously unreleased
13 Lady of the Rivers previously unreleased


Ian Churchward playing guitar, bass, mandolin and mandola

Lord Zarquon playing the bass, the sounds of the mellotron, mini moog, piano, fender rhodes keyboards, harpsichord, alchemy, light machine and drums

Rob Bright playing lead guitar and banjo

Ashley Dyer playing the trumpet on Fanfare for the King

Guy Bolt playing the snare drum on Fanfare for the King

John Bessant playing the lap steel guitar on Lambeth MS474

Recorded in Torbay at Rock Lee, Rainbow Starshine and Otherworld studios from 2013 to 2019

CD’s available from


Ian Churchward
36 Vane Hill Road

LTS Instrumental Legends front cover (002)



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