Medieval Sword from the War of the Two Peters Unearthed In Spanish Castle

Two-Peters-SwordThe War of the Two Peters (1356-1375) was fought between Peter of Castile and Peter IV of Aragon. ~The Archivist

Archaeologists have made a rare discovery during their second season of work at a Medieval castle in Aín, Castellón, Spain. The have unearthed a 700-year-old sword that is in a remarkable state. The style suggests it dates to the time of a significant Spanish historical event – the War of the Two Peters.

According to DiariodeAvisos, even the archaeological team was surprised by the find and they have said a discovery of this type of artifact in such a beautiful state of preservation is “extremely unusual.”

The sword measures 94 cm (37 inches) long, has a guard 13 cm (5.12 inches) wide, and a spherical pommel. There are two bronze rivets on the hilt and a groove down the center of the blade. The local population has also taken an interest in the well-crafted sword and Las Provincias reports they have even given the artifact a nickname – ‘Espadana’ (which may be translated as ‘noble sword.’)

Archaeologists discovered the sword under a mortar floor in a large room with a hearth and a work bench. They made the discovery while they were working on their second phase of a project aimed at strengthening the southwest sector of the castle wall. This is meant to stop the deterioration of the monument and guarantee its stability, with the hopes of making the castle a first-rate historic site.

Photo: Mediterráneo



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