Murrey and Blue by The Legendary Ten Seconds

Murrey and BlueEarlier this year we featured The Legendary Ten Seconds on an episode of the podcast. If you haven’t listened to it yet I highly recommend it.

Ian and the band are back with another album, Murrey and Blue. Featuring more songs inspired by King Richard III and the Wars of the Roses.

Below is the press release for the new album. Visit to find all their work.

— Press Release —
Murrey and Blue by The Legendary Ten Seconds to be released on 1st November 2017 which is the anniversary of when Richard, later Richard III, was created the Duke of Gloucester in 1461. A concept album of songs by The Legendary Ten Seconds about the Wars of the Roses and England in the late fifteenth century.

Featuring the following songs:-

  1. The Boars Head, a song inspired by the chapter in a book by Toni Mount about a medieval Christmas.
  2. John Judde, who died at a battle at St Albans, another song inspired from Toni Mount’s book about life in medieval London.
  3. The Medieval Free Company, inspired by a display of archery and medieval life of a Wars of the Roses reenactment group at Buckland Abbey.
  4. Plantagenet Pavane, a stately dance usually in slow duple time but in true Legendary Ten Seconds style this instrumental is played in triple time.
  5. Francis Cranley, a song about the main character in a Ricardian novel called The Woodville Connection written by Kathy Martin.
  6. The Woodville Household, a song for the fifteenth century reenactment group who portray the retinue of Sir Anthony Woodville.
  7. The Month of May, a fictional exchange of letters written during 1483.
  8. John Nesfield’s Retinue, this instrumental is for the retinue of John Nesfield.
  9. The Seventh of August, Henry Tudor lands at Mill Bay in August 1485 with his French mercenaries. A song inspired by a book written by Chris Skidmore.
  10. The Dublin King, a song about Lambert Simnel and the battle of Stoke in 1487, inspired after reading a book of the same name by John Ashdown-Hill.
  11. Lambeth MS 474, an instrumental for the book of hours of Richard III
  12. Shining Knight, written by Riikka Katajisto and Ian Churchward for all the Ricardian ladies who have fallen in love with Richard III of which there are very many.
  13. Court of King Richard III, a new 2017 recording of the song which was originally featured on the Tant le desiree album. The version of this song features new bass guitar and singing.
  14. White Surrey August 1485, another new 2017 recording of the song which was originally featured on the Tant le desiree album which features a mix of new recordings and also old recordings of the original version of this popular song.

Album artwork (above) painted by G Harman of Red fox illustrations.

Ian Churchward vocals, guitars and mandola.
Lord Zarquon keyboards, bass and drums.
David Clifford bass guitar on John Jude, The Medieval Free Company, The Seventh of August, Court of King Richard III and White Surrey August 1485.
Rob Bright guitar on John Judde, John Nesfield’s Retinue and The Seventh of August.
Pippa West vocals on The Boars Head, The Medieval Free Company, Francis Cranley and The Month of May.
Elaine Churchward vocals on The Seventh of August.
Camilla Joyce vocals on the 2017 versions of Court of King Richard III and White Surrey.
John Bessant lap steel guitar on The Dublin King and Lambeth MS 474.

All songs written by Ian Churchward except Shining Knight written by Riikka Katajisto and Ian Churchward.

All songs arranged by Lord Zarquon.

Recorded in Torbay at Rock Lee and Rainbow Starshine studios for Richard The Third Records.


Dearly beloved I greet you this day
So much has happened in the month of May
The stench from the street assaults my nose
How I do long for the scent of a rose

The news of the queen is very disturbing
Remaining in sanctuary so we are learning
The date of the coronation is set
One Sunday in June it’s not happened yet

Dearly beloved I greet you good day
So much has happened since the month of May
Of true honesty there’s nought to be had
And the stench from the Thames it is terribly bad

The news of Lord Hastings is very disturbing
Of his execution this we are learning
The date of the coronation draws near
Of its cancellation I really do fear

A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of the album will be donated to S.A.U.K.




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