Grail Quest Race 2017: sign up now for Somerset’s toughest, most medieval challenge

The Grail Quest Doomsday-ditchAs long time readers and listeners know I love Obstacle Course racing and even competed on American Ninja Warrior!

If you live in or near Somerset you can compete in a Medieval Obstacle Race called The Grail Quest Race. The Grail Quest is a medieval themed, 10km obstacle course race based in Somerset. Sign up is now open and the race takes place on 09 Sep 2017.

Obstacles include Woodman’s Woes, Horse to my Cart and Doomsday Ditch (pictured above).

Watch a preview of the race below.

If anyone wants to sponsor my trip to run the race I’m all in! (wink, wink)

For more information visit The Grail Quest Race website (

Read more about The Grail Quest Race on Somerset Live.

The Grail Quest Race

The Grail Quest Race Location

Photo Credit: The Grail Quest Website



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