Budding archaeologists wanted for ‘ancient graveyard’ dig on Anglesey

archaeologists wanted for ancient graveyardThe search is on to find volunteers to help unearth what could be an ancient graveyard on Anglesey.

Gwynedd Archaeological Trust is looking for curious people to help dig at an excavation on the edge of Llangefni at Hedd yr Ynys.

It’s not known for sure what lies beneath the field, however it is thought it could be the site of a medieval cemetery or the remains of ancient buildings.

A geophysical survey was carried out on the field in 2012 revealed “intriguing anomalies”, which Gwynedd Archaeological Trust say could be a sign of an early 19th century graveyard.

The dig, which is part of the two-week Festival of Archaeology, will run on weekdays from July 4-21.

There will also be an open day for the public on July 17.

Anyone interested should contact jane.kenney@heneb.co.uk.



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