A ‘nationally important’ medieval graveyard has been discovered beneath the site of a new road

medieval-graveyardContractors building the road on Anglesey have found an ancient cemetery.

Archaeologists digging on the site of an ancient cemetery say they have unearthed a 1,500-year-old “time capsule” of national importance.

Since an initial find last month at least 48 graves have been discovered on the site of the new Llangefni link road, on Anglesey , after experts extended excavation works.

Some of the graves, which date back to early medieval times, hold the remains of more than one person and a series of interesting artefacts.

They include a small bronze brooch dating from the end of the Roman period and fragments of Samian pottery.

It’s thought the pottery would have been imported from Gaul (in modern day France).

A brooch clasp and a fragment of roofing tile, suggesting there were buildings nearby, have also been discovered.

Sections one and two of the road are being built for Anglesey Council and Gwynedd Archaeological Planning Service (GAPS) are overseeing work at the newly-discovered cemetery



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