Archaeologists in Gwynedd discover medieval castle during excavation

Hen GastellThe Gwynedd Archaelogical Trust which is surveying Hen Gastell at Llanwnda have hailed it as ‘a really important’ find.

Archaeologists have discovered what’s believed to be a “well-defended” home of a medieval Welsh lord after examining the findings of a long running excavation.

The Gwynedd Archaelogical Trust started surveying Hen Gastell (Old Castle) at Llanwnda, near Caernarfon back in 2013, following reports that what lied beneath the surface could be an Iron Age hill fort.

But experts have now revealed their findings after three years of excavations and study, and have confirmed local folklore that it dates back to a period of great instability in Wales, when war was being waged with neighbours England.

Described as “a small medieval castle”, but probably resembling a manor house more than a real castle, archaeologists believe the home was occupied for no more than about four generations before it was abandoned.



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