Chinese archeologists unearth 800-year-old rare turtle shaped tomb with human remains

turtle-tomb-china-tecakeA very rare 800-year-old brick tomb that gives a turtle like appearance when viewed from top was discovered under the house of a Chinese villager. Archaeologists believe that the tomb was used by our ancestors for preserving human bodies and it still possess human remains of several generations which reveal important information of that era.

A villager who lives in Shangzhuang village in Shanxi Province discovered the tomb while laying the foundation for his new house in April this year. While digging the land, he saw several-year-old sculpture and without destroying or altering it he reported to the concerned agencies.

Later it was found that the tomb belongs to mid to late Jin Dynasty (1115-1234). The tomb is four meters tall and contains an octagonal burial chamber along with five small rooms at the chamber’s northern, northeastern, northwestern, southeastern and southwestern sides. While examining, the archaeologists found that the chamber has seven sides with 21 brick carvings, three on each side.

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