Interior Design in the Middle Ages

Middle Ages - Fine ArtWhen I think of the Middle Ages I think of castles and battles and kings. Rarely do I think of interior design elements. But I imagine it was as important back then as it is today. Imagine the brave knight coming home from the Crusades and his wife asking if he likes the new curtains. Or that they need to re-arrange the great hall to make it flow better!

I wonder if the Lady of the castle was on the look out for the next great painting to hang on the wall? From wall tapestries to stained glass windows the medieval nobles decorated their homes to make them more, well, homey. When I envision a medieval castle I see large wooden tables for dining, plush rugs to cover the cold stone floors and immense fireplaces with hunting trophies hanging over the mantle and weapons, lots and lots of weapons!

Now we can learn a little more about the art of Medieval Interior Design over at The Sofa Workshop. They trace the history of interior design, starting in the Middle Ages through the modern era. It’s an interesting trip through the history of interiors.

Head over to to check out the Medieval design elements and see which ones are still in our homes today!

Thanks to Laila for the tip!



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