MAP#62: Kristie Dean and The World of Richard III

World_of_Ricahrd_IIIWe are two weeks away from the beginning of the Richard III re-interment ceremonies. Leicester will be packed with dignitaries, tourist and medievalists to witness the final procession of Richard from Leiscester to Bosworth and back.

On the last episode we talked to David Monteith, the Dean of Leicester Cathedral about the Cathedral and the re-interment process.

Today on the Medieval Archives. Podcast we talk to author and historian Kristie Dean about her new book, The World of Richard III.

The book chronicles the travels of Richard and examines the history of the castles, cathedrals and homes Richard visited during his life.

You can connect with Kristie at her website or through her Facebook page.
Get your copy of The World of Richard III at

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In this episode we discuss:

  • Kristie’s background
  • The travels of King Richard III
  • King Richard III Re-interment
  • And more…

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