MAP#59: Author Ian Macgill, 1066 and The Rhyme of King Harold

Harold_Godwinson_1066Journalist and author Ian Macgill found his writing passion traveling through the jungles of South America. As a young man Ian was awarded the Winston Churchill fellowship and traveled through South America studying ancient sites. His adventures in South America would make a great book as well! After his travels he returned to Britain and began his career as a journalist.

Ian now owns and operates the Grapevine Magazine in Sheffeld, England. Most recently Ian authored the book The Rhyme of King Harold, the story of King Harold written entirely in verse. Join us today on the Medieval Archives podcast as we talk with Ian Macgill on his adventures in South America, his book The Rhyme of King Harold and the tumultuous year 1066! Did Harold usurp the English throne? Could the Norman invasion been avoided if Harold wasn’t the King? Find out all that and more in our fascinating interview with Ian Macgill!

Below are video performances of Ian’s book The Rhyme of King Harold.

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In this episode we discuss:

  • England before King Harold
  • King Harold’s rise to power
  • Cause of the Danish Invasion
  • Cause of the Norman Invasion
  • And more…

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