Have you ever popped onto Youtube for a quick look and the next thing you know you’ve fallen into the rabbit hole. Hours disappear, your eyes glaze over, and you swear this is the last video…well, maybe one more. No? Maybe it’s just me.

Well I had a night like that and I found a great video of a medieval band covering Metallica songs!

If you read my review of Pospolite Ruszenie then you know I am a fan of Metallica. Medievallica is a trio of musicians describing themselves as a ‘Medieval tribute to Metal Music.’ What’s not to like?! Below is their cover of Metallica’s ‘Nothing Else Matters’ and it is excellent!

You can find Medievallica on Youtube, if you want to reach out to them on social media you can visit the Medievallica Facebook page or the Medievallica Twitter page.



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  1. AndrzejDabrowka says:

    Cf “The ways of making the Middle Ages present in pop-music – the case of rock and heavy metal” http://t.co/GRLoakyUtB