MAP#46: Made in China: Medieval Inventions from the Far East

Medieval China, InventionsFor 4000 years China has been an innovative society, starting with the Great Wall and the Grand Canal. In the Middle Ages China invented item after item that revolutionized the world for centuries to come. Some of them we still use today! Things that we take for granted; paper money, kites, folding umbrellas and playing cards, just to name a few.

Join us as we examine the inventions from Medieval China that changed history! We’ll look at inventions in agriculture, navigation, communication and warfare to see how they came about and how they traveled the medieval world.

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Items discussed in this lesson:

  • Chinese Agricultural inventions
  • The Great Stirrup Controversy
  • Viking Navigation: Find out more on The Vikings Podcast Episode 102
  • The Ming Dynasty Emperors toilet paper order
  • Silk Road
  • And more…

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