Grandfather hand-carved 230 Foot wooden scale model of Bayeux Tapestry to help get over the death of his teenage son

Bayeux tapestry woodcarvingThis is a great story! I hope a museum or someone buys this and puts it on display. Be sure to click through to the full article to see all the pictures.
~The Archivist

A grandfather has carved a wooden replica of the Bayeux Tapestry, despite having lost three of his fingers in an industrial accident.

Jason Welch, 43, has always been a dab hand with a chisel but didn’t know what he was getting himself into when he started the project in 2011.

The self-employed wood carver, from North Creake, Norfolk, decided to create a scale model of the 230ft tapestry to help cope with the grief of his 16-year-old son Ricky dying three years ago, and he has been hard at work in his shed ever since.

The grandfather-of-two searched for weeks before sourcing the 25 five foot planks of wood he needed for his project.

It took him two years to carve, paint, draw and then sand his 135ft long version of the historical Bayeux Tapestry.

He finally completed the work just before Christmas but says his masterpiece is now gathering dust in his workshop because it is so big.

Mr Welch, a self employed wood carver, said: ‘I like working with my hands and keeping active… I had to draw all the detail onto these five foot panels, then chisel it and spend ages sanding it.’



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