Finland’s 1,000-year old unknown swordsman may have met a violent end

Medieval Swordsman Janakkala Hyvikkälä HautalöytöFinland’s National Board of Antiquities has completed preliminary investigations into the remains discovered last November in what is thought to be a medieval grave. Researchers have performed tomographic scans on the so-called ancient swordsman, which involve imaging through sections of the skull.

The scans show that the man may have met a violent end, said researcher Simo Vanhatalo of the National Board of Antiquities. The investigations found evidence of two skull injuries, one of which may have been fatal.

“The deceased had a small incision at the back of the skull, which may have been caused by some kind of sharp object, but the wound later healed. Behind the ear there is a round hole which looks like it was inflicted by a spiked object. However this is still to be confirmed,” Vanhatalo noted.

“Naturally we would immediately wonder if the man was the victim of violence or if he died in battle,” he added.

Researchers speculate that a violent demise might also suggest that the swordsman was extremely fit while he lived.

Researchers speculate that an ancient swordsman unearthed in Hyvikkälä, Janakkala in southern Finland, may have suffered a violent death. Initial investigations into the remains of the apparent warrior have revealed two skull injuries.

The swordsman, as he has come to be known, was found by hobbyists in the field in Hyvikkälä, in the Hämeenlinna region in early November. Swords found in the grave appear to be a rare historical find, and authorities originally speculated that the burial site dated back to the crusade era.



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