The Order of X
If you’ve been listening to the podcast or visiting this site for awhile you know that I am a child of the 80’s and I’ve talked about Dungeons and Dragons being my gateway into the middle ages. Well in the town I grew up in there was only one place to buy D&D modules, the comic book store, which introduced me to a lot of other awesome characters! There was one team of mutants that caught my fancy and never let go, that’s right, the X-Men!

Lord Xavier - The Order of XRecently I was browsing the internet and came across an excellent set of images of the X-Men set in the middle ages. Now as awesome as the X-Men are, placing them in the middle ages adds a great deal to their mystique. Marvel had a series with the X-Men set in the 1600’s, they should jump back in time a bit and have them visit the middle ages.

Nate Hallinan is the fantastic artist who created these images. He gave all the favorite characters a place in medieval lore. Professor Xavier is now Lord Xavier and Wolve’Rune (Wolverine) is an awesome dwarf with self-healing powers. One of my favorites is Colossus, who is a medieval blacksmith, with an iron hard body!

Check out some of the images below. And be sure to stop by Nate’s site,, to see all his artwork. You can see hi-res images and connect with Nate on his Facebook site as well.



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