“The White Queen” hits the airwaves in the UK

The White Queen | Medieval ArchivesAfter the Hundred Years’ War the House of Plantagenet divided and battled for the throne of England. The House of York, symbolized by a white rose and the House of Lancaster, symbolized by a red rose waged a war lasting 30 years. Known throughout history as the Wars of the Roses, it pitted brother against brother and raged across England for 30 years.

The period was filled with treachery, deceit and betrayal. In fact the Game of Thrones series gets its inspiration from the Wars of the Roses.

Last night on the BBC One channel a new series aired. The White Queen is based on Phillipa Gregory’s novel The Cousin’s War and tells the story of the women of the Wars of the Roses; focusing on Elizabeth Woodville, Margaret Beaufort and Anne Neville.

The White Queen is a 10 episode series that airs Sunday nights in the UK. It will begin its US run on the Starz cable channel on 10 Aug 2013.

Below are the two trailers for the show.

BBC One Trailer:

Starz Trailer:



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