Rocky Moutain Medieval Conference

Metro State Denver Medieval ArchivesStarting 11 April 2013 medievalists from across the country (and the Atlantic) will invade Metropolitan State University in Denver, Colorado. This year MSU is hosting the 45th Annual Rocky Mountain Medieval & Renaissance Association Conference.

The conference will have 24 regular sessions with over 64 presentations on topics from a variety of fields: literature, history, drama, philosophy, medicine, religion, music and architecture. The Keynote address “Being and the Summum Bonum in Boethius’s The Consolation of Philosophy” is presented by Philip Edward Phillips, PhD from Middle Tennessee State.

Some of the sessions include:

  • “Aethelflaeda: The Forgotten Queen”
  • “The Ghosts of England Past: History and the Shakespearean Unconscious in Richard III”
  • “Julian of Norwich’s Boethian Consolation”
  • “Love and Chivalry in Frankish Greece: Perceptions of a Crusader Kingdom in Poetry and Chronicle”

I’ll be attending the conference this year. If you are going drop me a line at or on the Medieval Archives Twitter page or the Facebook page.

Download the full schedule: RMMRA 2013 Schedule – Denver

Website: Rocky Mountain Medieval & Renaissance Association



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Comments 1

  1. sabernethy2557 says:

    It was a wonderful conference.  Learned lots of interesting history.  Looking forward to next years conference.