Wanted for Leeds Castle: court jester – only happy people need apply

Leeds CastleThere are not many jobs – unlikely to be any in fact – where you’d be paid to lark around.

That is until now.

For bosses at one of Kent’s most prestigious attractions are on the hunt for a happy-go-lucky person; someone who can tell jokes, turn cartwheels, juggle and generally make a fool of themselves to get a giggle out of visitors.

Yes, the jester is back. And so determined are staff at Leeds Castle to find the perfect candidate, they are asking that only happy people apply.

The former Royal Palace near Maidstone is looking to re-introduce the historic tradition of the Tudor kings by appointing a jester to entertain the masses this summer.

Applicants must be able to juggle, chat and joke with visitors, teach basic circus skills and perform tricks. If they also have an interest in history and can speak foreign languages, even better.

Candidates will be put through their paces in the interview process, with all applicants invited to perform throughout half term, 18-22 February, to visitors, who will then choose their favourite.

The jester will then receive his or her official appointment in time for the Easter holidays.

A spokesman for Leeds Castle said the successful “fool” will be paid £8.75 per hour and will be required to work 30 hours a week between mid-March and mid-September.



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