Battle Castle: Georgia, USA dates

Battle Castle LogoAnother station has checked in with dates and times for Battle Castle. Georgia Public Broadcasting will air episodes on Friday nights. The bad news is they started last Friday! The good news is you can catch a replay of Episode 1: Crac des Chevaliers this Wednesday.

The dates and times are below.

GPB – Georgia HD Channel 8.1:
Fridays at 2100EST (Link to Schedule)
Replays Wednesdays at 2300EST
11 Jan (Replay 16 Jan) – Episode #1: Crac des Chevaliers
18 Jan (Replay 23 Jan) – Episode #2: Dover
25 Jan (Replay 30 Jan) – Episode #3: Malaga

If you are in Georgia and watch the show or want to know if its in your area drop us a line in the comments below, or via our Twitter page or Facebook page.



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