Battle Castle USA Tour Dates

Battle Castle LogoWith one tweet medievalists across the USA celebrated. It premiered on Hstory Channel Canada last winter, followed by BBC TV in the fall and now, finally Battle Castle hits the USA!

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That’s the great news. The not so good news is it wasn’t bought by a national channel like History or Discovery. It was purchased by local PBS stations. While the coverage would have been greater on a national channel, it appears that enough PBS stations purchased the show to give it good exposure across the States.

And what are those dates… Here is what I have compiled so far:

TPT – Minnesota Channel 2.1:
Thursdays at 2000CST (Link to Schedule)
10 Jan 2013 – Crac Des Chevaliers
17 Jan 2013 – Dover
24 Jan 2013 – Malaga

RSU – Oklahoma Channel 35-1:
Tuesdays at 1900CST (Link to Schedule)
22 Jan 2013 – Crac Des Chevaliers
29 Jan 2013 – Dover
05 Feb 2013 – Malaga

WLPB – Louisiana:
Mondays at 2200CST (Link to Schedule)
11 Feb 2013 – Crac Des Chevaliers
18 Feb 2013 – Dover
25 Feb 2013 – Malaga

WNED – Buffalo:
Fall 2013

WYCC – Chicago:
Dates to be determined

There are more stations with rights to the show, as they update their schedules I will let you know.

In case you forgot here is what Battle Castle is all about

I hope you live in an area that will be showing Battle Castle in the near future! If you have any questions leave them in the comments below or ask them via our Twitter page or Facebook page.



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