2012 Medieval Year in Review: Podcasts

2012review1There were a lot of great podcast episodes during 2012. We finished the Pillars of the Earth podcast series, interviewed authors, documentary hosts and medieval bloggers. Some of this years topics were requested by you, the listener. So please if you have any requests send them over.

Some of the popular episodes include:

Thanks to everyone who listens and subscribes to the podcast! Without you it wouldn\’t be successful. You can subscribe to the podcast via RSS or through iTunes so you do not miss a single episode. If you are already subscribed and enjoy the podcast please consider rating it in iTunes. Click the following link to open the podcast and then write a review for the podcast or just leave a star rating.

Please let me know if you have any comments, questions or topic ideas. I can be reached at podcast@medievalarchives.com, on the Medieval Archives twitter feed, or on the Medieval Archives Facebook page.

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