2012 Medieval Year in Review: Books

2012review12012 was a great year for medieval books! No matter where your interest lies in the medieval era there is a good chance a book was published on the subject. The books range in subjects from kings, castles, war, and disease. Here at Medieval Archives we were honored to interview two authors and review several books.

In January Christy English joined the podcast for an interview to talk about her novel To Be Queen.

Just recently Sarah Gristwood stopped in to talk about her new book Blood Sisters: The Hidden Lives of the Women Behind the Wars of the Roses. Blood Sisters is a fascinating look into the lives of medieval women and how they shape history.

We also reviewed a new ebook published by History in an Hour. The Medieval Anarchy, by Kaye Jones, offers a straight forward look into the tumoltuous period after the death of Henry I.

Other medieval books published this year include: (this is not an all inclusive list, just a sample)

What are your favorite medieval books of 2012? Share them below in the comments, on the Medieval Archives twitter feed, or on the Medieval Archives Facebook page.

Next up: 2012 Medieval Television programs

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