Bayeux Tapestry engraved on crystal bowl

Bayeux Tapestry engraved on crystal bowlAn artist from a village near Wincanton has recreated one of the world’s most renowned tapestries on a stunning glass dish.

Frank Grenier, of North Cadbury, has recreated the famous Bayeux Tapestry which tells the tale of the Battle of Hastings, fought in 1066.

Mr Grenier, who has been engraving professionally for 20 years, has recreated the famous battle during the Norman conquest of England onto a shallow crystal bowl, blown by glassmaker Neil Wilkin.

The engraving shows all 58 panels of the medieval embroidery and took Mr Grenier six months to produce.

It also includes an English description of each major event of the battle, from the departure of Harold of Wessex from the village of Bosham up to the fleeing of English troops from the Battle of Hastings.

Mr Grenier said: “Through this variety of engraved glass pieces I hope to show some of the magic involved in the art form.



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