Medieval citadel on Sinai island to open to tourists

Saladin Citadel | Medieval ArchivesOn Saturday, the restored Saladin Citadel on Pharaoh Island off the coast of the Sinai peninsula is to be officially inaugurated by Prime Minister Hisham Qandil, Minister of State for Antiquities Mohamed Ibrahim, Minister of Tourism Hisham Zaazou and top governmental officials, adding a new tourist attraction to costal Red Sea resort Taba.

Over the last six years, the citadel and the whole island were closed to tourists for a restoration project that cost LE20 million.

Mohamed El-Sheikha, head of the projects section at the antiquities ministry told Ahram Online that in order to decrease the amount of sea water flooding the citadel, particularly in winter, a number of cement wave breakers had been erected in the sea around the citadel. Dilapidated structures were restored and external walls were strengthened.

Signboards with full historical details were also erected to facilitate visits, as were wooden sun shades, and a new lighting system was installed to make the citadel accessible at night.

Ibrahim told Ahram Online that cultural activities and dancing performances are also planned to take place on the island with the citadel in the backdrop, to increase the attractions available for visitors.

Archaeologist Abdel Rehim Rihan said that Saladin’s citadel is one of the greatest Islamic monuments in Sinai. It was built in 1171 AD by Saladin, then sultan of Egypt, to stand against the Crusaders and to protect the pilgrimage route from Egypt through Sinai.



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