The Medieval Anarchy – eBook review

The Medieval AnarchyAh, The Anarchy, a period in England’s history when war raged and chaos reigned. A time so turbulent medieval chroniclers claimed that ‘Christ and his saints slept.’

You’ve had a chance to explore the Anarchy on this site through various podcasts and posts, but today we are going to look at an eBook on The Anarchy.

The Medieval Anarchy is written by Kaye Jones (Twitter: @KayeJones) and published through the History in an Hour brand. If you’ve followed this site for awhile you’re no stranger to Kaye Jones. She also wrote the Medieval Winchester Tour for the Rama App, which I reviewed earlier this year.

The History in an Hour series is meant to provide the facts in a clear and concise manner from point A to point B. The Medieval Anarchy begins with the background events that set the stage for the Anarchy and continues chronologically through history to the reign of Henry II. Making the book and the history easy to follow.

Now don’t let the ‘in an Hour’ part fool you. By no means does it imply that the history is truncated or dumb-ed down. In fact the book covers extensive details of ‘The Anarchy’ and provides a complete history. Jones is a terrific writer and presents the information in a captivating manner. The history is flawless and the use of primary sources adds to the experience of the anarchy.

The Medieval Anarchy contains two appendices. The first is a roster of key players and a brief history of each. The second is a timeline of The Anarchy, listing key dates and events.

I read The Medieval Anarchy on a Kindle Fire and it weighed in around 55 ‘pages.’ That number will fluctuate depending on the screen and font size of your device. Regardless of your device the book is easily consumed around the hour time frame. Making it perfect for your daily commute or lunch break. I recommend you pick up your copy today and learn more about the treacherous period in England’s history dubbed ‘The Anarchy.’

The Medieval Anarchy is available for $2.99 USD on Amazon for the Kindle or for your iDevice in iTunes.

Medieval Archives gives The Medieval Anarchy eBook 4 out of 5 stars.

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About History in an Hour

The History in an Hour series is a bestselling series of e-books and apps that summarise key areas of world history in digest form, with each title taking no more than sixty minutes to read. On this site you will find information about all the titles along with extracts and interviews with some of the authors.

This is history for busy people – concise, authoritative, well-researched and entertainingly written for a quick and informative read.

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Disclaimer: Medieval Archives received a complimentary copy of The Medieval Anarchy for review purposes



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