Full Metal Jousting: Video bios of the jousters

Full Metal Jousting History ChannelA lot can be said about the contestants on the new History reality show, Full Metal Jousting. But wouldn’t you rather hear it straight from the horses mouth… Enjoy the bios and share with us in the comments who you pick to win the show.

David Prewitt

Nathan Klassen

Josh Avery

Paul Suda

Joseph McKinley

Tom Conant

Brian Tulk

Jack Mathis

James Fairclough

John Stikes

Joshua Knowles

Landon Morris

Matt Hiltman

Mike Edwards

Rope Meyers

Jake Nodar

Full Metal Jousting History Channel Jake Nodar
Jake Nodar

Video not available to embed, view it at the Full Metal Jousting website

About Full Metal Jousting

HISTORY is bringing back the most dangerous collision sport in history and transforming it into a 21st-century event. But this is no Renaissance fair as the toughest riders in the nation face off in a bone-crushing competition for big money. It’s as intense as it was 500 years ago, but with a twist: Traditional armor is replaced by modern suits of steel, while action is captured by high-speed cameras. Each episode features full-contact jousts in which jousters charge and collide at 30 miles an hour, and every joust is a test of courage and strength requiring nerves of steel. The last man standing takes home the cash as this extreme sport is reborn.



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