Splatalot, A Medieval Obstacle Course for Kids

The internet is a wonderful tool. Sometimes it provides vast amounts of useful information. Sometimes it provides wasted hours of entertainment! Tonight is the latter.

Here in the States we have an asinine ‘game’ show called Wipeout. It’s an obstacle course on steroids that’s impossible to finish and hilarious to watch. (and for the record I am completely hooked on the show) While surfing around the internet tonight I found a similar show out of Canada geared toward kids and with a medieval castle theme!

The show is called Splatalot and I loved this promo. It’s filled with spine breaking falls into murky water…now that’s entertainment!

Do you think you have what it takes to conquer the castle?



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Comments 4

  1. STik says:

    Find out more and play the games at http://splatalot.com 

  2. Archivist says:

     @STik Excellent! thanks for the website

  3. STik says:

    Splatalot is now on Nickelodeon in the US every day at 7:30 Eastern.

  4. Archivist says:

     @STik Thanks. I watched my first episode last night! It is pretty entertaining