Medieval Stained Glass Tour at Glencairn Museum

medieval stained glass
Bryn Athyn is the host for a tour that will focus on the roles of the artisans that made windows for the medieval cathedrals.

Come out to the Glencairn Museum on Saturday, Feb. 4 for its Stained Glass Tour and Demonstration: Understanding Medieval Stained Glass.

Over a thousand years ago three guilds of craftsmen worked collaboratively to create the sacred art of stained glass. This 3-hour tour will focus on the roles of the artisans that made windows for the medieval cathedrals and include a demonstration of historic techniques. Participants will be treated to a rare behind the scenes look at the extraordinary collection of medieval stained glass at Glencairn Museum, the nation’s finest collection in a private museum.

The event is from 1-4 p.m.

Admission: $35/person. Space is limited, reservations required. Contact Doreen Carey at 267-502-2981 or to book your spot today!



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