Eco-museum sites to mark the Battle of Flodden

Flodden Battlefield, BraxtonThe first 12 sites have been designated in a landscape-scale eco-museum to mark next year’s 500th anniversary of the Battle of Flodden

The concept of an eco-museum is to highlight and join up locations with links to a particular theme.

The initial dozen sites all have connections with the 1513 battle in Northumberland in which King James IV of Scotland’s army suffered a catastrophic defeat by the English.

Each site has been provided with a Flodden eco-museum “brand” board and QR code to enable the downloading of information by smart phone.

Thousands of leaflets have also been printed for each location.

The idea of what will be England’s first eco-museum is to guide visitors from one site to another on a journey of discovery.

The sites are:

Flodden Field, where the battle was fought;

Etal Castle, fortified in the 14th Century and captured by James IV before the battle;

Twizel Bridge, which marked its 500th anniversary last year and at the time of its construction was the largest single-span bridge in Britain. It provided the only dry crossing of the Till between the Tweed and Etal and was probably used by both the English and Scots.



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