Five Things to do in Dublin Outside the Pub

DublinThese are five great places to visit in Dublin. I would add a sixth and recommend you also visit Kilmainham Gaol. It is a creepy jail that makes the hair on your neck stand up. Check it out when you’re in Dublin. But when you hear footsteps behind you don’t look back, just keep walking…
~The Archivist

According to a Daily Mail article, “going to the pub has been listed as the top thing to do” in Ireland. There are certainly many to choose from, and the experience of an Irish pub is like no other. But despite being a small city, Dublin has much to offer in the way of history, architecture and culture. While pub life is definately a highlight of the city, don’t miss out on these top five must-see sights the next time you board a cheap flight to Dublin.

Dublin Castle: The once-medieval Dublin Castle lies beneath a modern-day palace. For under €5, take a tour of the remains of the fortress surrounded by a moat – underground river and all. The tour progresses through periods of architecture, from the Gothic revival Chapel Royal to the Georgian state apartments that once welcomed royalty in the eighteenth and into the early nineteenth century.

Trinity College Dublin: Orders from Queen Elizabeth I to found Trinity College in 1592 make it the oldest university in Ireland. Featured in the college’s library is the Book of Kells – an illuminated manuscript of the Christian gospels written over 1,000 years ago. Composed in Latin by Celtic monks, it is considered to be one of Ireland’s finest national treasures.



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