Abbey Medieval Festival secures funds

Abbey Medieval FestivalBigger and even better is in sight for the future of the Abbey Medieval Festival with the event receiving $150,000 in funding.
On his first visit to the Abbey Museum last week Queensland Deputy Premier Andrew Fraser, joined by Carryn Sullivan (Lab, Pumicestone), announced the festival would receive $50,000 each year for the next three years from the Events Queensland Regional Development Program.

The funding will boost the festival’s status as a must-see event in Queensland and will be used to attract domestic and international visitors.

Mr Fraser said the funding secured the future of the festival and allowed organizers to plan for the future with confidence.
“This festival has come a long way, starting with $12,000, so to receive this injection of funding it has stepped up with success,” Mr Fraser said. “Investing in events, is part of our plan to build Queensland’s bright future.

“Events like the Medieval Festival play a vital role with tourism so investing keeps tourism going.”

Mrs Sullivan said she was proud to see government support continue for the Abbey Medieval Festival.



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